About Free Computer Franchise

Some computer franchise or affiliation society or public trust  are offering Free Computer franchise or computer affiliation in India:-

Because free computer Franchise Organizations offer that in case you join us then they will give grant or aid to literate students or provide free computer franchise. Such organization use free computer training or free computer franchise or affiliation offer in India words to attract student & computer centre franchisee. Which ends in loss for both franchisee & student. Because Franchisee seldom get aid or grant. Such franchise organization charges money as Registration Fee, Examination Fee & books fee. & give small bit share to its Franchisee Centre. & misuse the name of Grant & Aid. What is the meaning of Grant or aid? Answer is- in case you run computer training for non profitable organization then it will give you grant for that work & seldom charge any type of fee from you & students. But such type of organization charge money from you & student in hidden ways. you will gain nothing with such type of franchise………because with free word you have to face lots of student questions…………this free computer education words will defame you in your area with in 1 year. you can not manage your centre expense…………

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