Procedure To Open NTT Institute

Main Step to open computer education centre ?

Following is the necessary main step which must be followed by every computer education centre`s Owner in India:-

  • Choosing Unique Name for Computer Education Centre-First of All, Centre Owner should choose unique name for his/her centre, while choosing name for computer education centre keep in mind that your centre should not be similar or identical with any other computer education centre in your locality. After Choosing your centre name you must register your centre name Under SHOP & COMMERCIAL ACT applicable in your state. You can visit to your area’s Nagarpalika or municipal corporation or labour Inspector etc. for the registration of your computer education centre. You can also consult an advocate or CA for said registration. Said Registration is necessary for all old or newly opened computer education centre in India.
  • Benefit of your computer education centre name Registration- Always Highlight your computer education centre name in advertisements whether you are running computer centre under franchises of reputed organization. if you highlight franchise organization name in advertisements then you are making the name of that franchise organization not of your centre name. now you are thinking what would be the loss if we are highlighting the name of franchise organization instead of your centre name.. then my dear friends note one thing that every reputed franchise organizations have franchise agreement valid for 1 to 3 years. if your centre is not renewed or you also want to leave that organization for any reason whatsoever, in that situation you can not use that organization name without its permission, that organization can also allot or open new computer education centre in your location. you will be in loss because you have advertised that franchise organization name in advertisements. Now suppose if you have advertises your own centre name in advertisement by writing following words: YOUR CENTRE NAME, AUTHORIZED BY XYZ ORGANIZATION. then situation would be different. Note one point- you see private school in your area they always advertised their school name in advertisements write down affiliated with xyz board. because in future that private school can take affiliation of any other board in future..but that school name remains as it is.
  • Conclusion: Make your own Computer Education Centre brand name. because we never want to see you in loss in any situation created by most of computer centre franchise organizations in India.

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