Procedure: How To Select Best Computer Institute Franchise

How to Check or select Registration of Best Free computer Institute Franchise?

Best procedure to select or Check Registration of Reputed, Genuine, No.1,  Top computer training or Centre or Institute Free franchise or affiliation provider organization in India:-

How to check Free Computer Franchise Company is Genuine or Fake?

Answer: Follow Best procedure or method before Checking or selecting any good or best computer education franchise or affiliation provider Company,  Try to know recognition or certification of that computer education franchisee provider organization.

Any computer franchisee Organization which is providing computer centre franchisee opportunity all over India must have territorial jurisdiction approval to run computer education franchisee or affiliation all over India & Should be certified under parliament Act by Centre Government of India. Ministry or department.

Free Computer Institute Franchise in India-

This article has been crafted with the assistance of legal experts, with a focus on public interest to protect individuals from misinformation circulating on the internet under the guise of FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION INSTITUTE FRANCHISE in India.

Currently, numerous institutes employ terms such as “Free Computer Center Franchise,” claiming recognition from entities like the Government of India, MHRD, ISO, MSME, Boards, Councils, Labour Department, Universities, Vigilance, Education Policy, and more. These institutes also boast affiliations with 6000+ I.T. franchise institutes, UGC or University-approved courses franchises, and valid certifications for government jobs, often displaying government logos or scheme logos on their certificates. Here, we aim to enlighten the public about the implications of these terms. Please read below to be informed.

Before deciding on any Free or Absolutely FREE Computer Education Franchise, Registration, or Affiliation for your Computer Training Institute, consider the following point:

Why is it crucial to understand the reality of Free Computer Education Franchise or Free IT Center Affiliation or Free Computer Training Institute Registration in India ?

Answer: You should be aware because some private institutes use phrases like “FREE COMPUTER CENTER FRANCHISE” Recognized by the Government of India or MHRD Approved Computer Education Courses Franchise, misleading the public in the name of FREE. Such organizations often lack proper ties or certifications from the government, rendering their diplomas/certificates valueless.

Initially, these companies or institutions may charge fees, showcasing fake associations with government projects/schemes such as PMKVY, NDLM, NSDC-Skill Development Courses, using terms like donations/grants, displaying fake or fictitious center lists, imposing Center Kit processing fees or refundable token money. Later, they may charge substantial hidden fees for admission, exams, and certificates with strict terms and conditions, which becomes apparent to you only after joining them.

Therefore, if a private institute uses phrases like “HOW TO GET FREE COMPUTER CENTER FRANCHISE” or Free Computer Education Training Courses Franchise or Affiliation or Registration in their advertisements, we advise against paying any amount to that organization at any stage (before or after joining). FREE means without any charge. To confirm the authorization of an institution to operate and open franchise centers under PMKVY, NDLM, NSDC-Skill Development Free schemes or Projects, visit the respective government department or scheme websites at

Why do some private Free Computer Franchise Institutes use words like Vocational Council & Computer Education Board for offering FREE Computer CENTER Franchise?

Answer: Such organizations lack the right to use Council & Board terms; this is illegal. Only the central or state governments of India have the authority to establish councils & boards in India to approve courses and recognize schools, universities, etc. It is advisable to steer clear of computer franchises from such organizations, as they might be involved in scams, potentially making you a victim.

Verify the list of government-established councils [Click here]. Additionally, check the list of educational boards established by the central government of India [visit]. You will not find any free computer education franchise board or council names on these government websites.

In India, there is only one Vocational Courses Council, NCVT [Visit]. As of now, neither the government of India nor any state government has established any Computer Education Board in India. Be cautious of scammers.

Society or Trust Registered under NCT, New Delhi, government of India computer education franchise or affiliation offer valid all over India?-

Answer: While searching for best or good or trusted computer education franchise or affiliation on Internet you have noticed that many computer franchise organizations are registered under Society Act or Trust Act under state government of New Delhi, and their territorial jurisdiction is valid for new Delhi state only & not applicable to all over India, because they are not registered by Central Government of India, they are registered by state government of New Delhi.

Such organizations have no right to give affiliation outside New Delhi. Such organization writes following words- Registered by “NCT, New Delhi, Government of India”. People are being deceived by such type of wording & think that it is registered by government of India.

But the truth is different.  The meaning of “NCT” is NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY. In other words, Capital of India. For More Clarification there are two Governments in New Delhi One is State Government of New Delhi & Second is Central Government of India.

However, State Government of New Delhi can allow any society to work all over India by adding “ALL INDIA” words before the name of Society.

But few societies or trust are making fool to its computer franchisee by adding “ALL INDIA” words before its Name, We suggest you before entering into franchisee agreement check registration Certificate of such society  & verify that “ALL INDIA” word is mentioned on its certificate of registration or not.

In Short, Any Society or Trust that is registered under State government can operate its works only in its state territory only. So, if you are dealing for computer Franchisee from any part of India then avoid franchisee of such type of organizations. We recommend you to take computer franchisee or affiliation of Centre Government, Ministry or Department Registered & Certified Organization.

Is Diploma issued by ISO 9001:2008 Certified Computer Education Franchise or Affiliation provider Company valid in India?

Answer: No, Some Computer Education franchise or affiliation provider Organizations advertise that they are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizations & certified to issue computer certificate & diploma to student under ISO certification issued to them, but all are lie.

Because ISO certification is given for quality management work of Organization not for issuance of computer certificate & diploma to computer trainee or students or computer franchise or affiliation in India.

Computer education centre franchise or affiliation provider organization actually has computer education training project all over India-

Answer: In these days, new trend has been started by few computer franchise or affiliation provider organizations to attract new computer franchisee in India, such type of franchise organization are advertising that they have government project for computer training.

Many organizations have got government projects for imparting computer training but most of such projects are applicable to particular place or its registered office, not applicable to its franchisee computer training centres all over India or state. So, if any such type of Organization alleges that it has got government, project for computer training or education then ask them which government department has issued that project & have any legal proof for that project.

For more authenticity, you can also call that concerned Government department that has issued said computer training project to that organization on all India bases.

MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources & Development) Computer Institute Registration or Franchise or Affiliation in India-

Answer: Some computer education franchise provider organizations are also mentioning that they are registered or recognized under MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India).

Yes, they are registered but not recognized for providing computer education franchisee or courses. Means they have not approved by MHRD for allotting computer franchisee or conducting courses on that basis in India.

These organizations have registered their Brand name Logo or Special Contents under Copyright Office of MHRD only. So that their logo or special contents are protected under copyright laws from copying by other organization or person.

MHRD Recognizes Board/school & university only under its authority.  © stand for Copyright. Means you cannot copy logo or any contents without its owner/author permission because it is protected under copyright or trademarks laws.

In India if you want to protect your logo or contents form copying by others then you can register the same in Copyright Office under MHRD, Government of India. But remember this protection is against copying your logo or contents by others & not authority to issue certificate or opening centres.

Computer education franchise offer or proposal from university franchise organization or partner or coordinator valid or not-

Answer: We suggest you- Do not take the computer training courses franchise from any organization which is alleging that they have 6 or 10 universities affiliation to conduct diploma or degree courses in its franchise centres. Most of such organizations are not legally affiliated with universities and not authorised to allot franchise in India.

You do not know the actual truth, even the universities with whom such organization are affiliated not permitted by UGC (University Grant Commission) to open franchise centre or franchise tie-up beyond the territorial area of their concerned state. Visit: if you are dealing with any university mentioned in said UGC web link directly or through their franchise partner organization then you are doing illegal works under their computer franchise network & that can create big problem in present or future time.

Note: as per UGC norms all affiliated college or study centre affiliated with any UGC approved university must be approved by UGC & shown on UGC website for validity purpose & not only on concerned university websites.

Our suggestion for you– to get the franchise or affiliation of following reputed organization in India are –SARVA EDUCATION, NIIT, APTECH, JETKING, NIELIT.

In last, we have tried our best to suggest you reputed, genuine, No.1, good, better & the best computer education franchise or affiliation provider organization in India. To believe or not to believe on above mentioned point regarding computer franchise in India is depend on the sole discretion of the reader or visitor.

Disclaimer: The recommendations, advice, procedures, details, and considerations mentioned above in relation to commencing, initiating, registering, affiliating, or franchising a Computer Education Training institute under entities asserting to be “Absolutely FREE or Without Any Charge” are offered as guidance. Your choice to participate is entirely at your discretion, influenced by your financial capability and personal judgment.

This is our personal view & does not claim the accuracy of all above mentioned point. Reader or visitor due diligence is advised & applicable. We wish you all the best for opening new computer centre under any reputed brand name.

All name of reputed computer franchise organization mentioned above are their registered trade mark & we disclaim the tie up or ownership for the same.

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