SITED Introduction: Best Computer Education Franchise

how to find/search/choose/get reputed genuine trusted computer education affiliation or franchise provider in India?

what is NCT new Delhi government of India  computer affiliation or franchise?

Why NGO providing free computer education affiliation or franchisee in India?

what is the best procedure to select computer affiliation or franchise?

what is ISO approved certified computer franchise?

how select best computer affiliation or franchise from NGO or government ?

Best suggestions for you before selecting or choosing computer franchise or affiliation in any part of India:-

First of All, you have to register your computer centre name & business in Municipal Corporation or any Concerned Department under shop & establishment Act (As applicable in your area) & get Certifcate of establishment for business. Then you can apply for computer education affiliation or Franchisee, however it is not mandatory for same.

We suggest you before selecting any franchisee organization try to know recognition or certification of franchisee organization. Any franchisee Organization that is providing franchisee opportunity all over India must have territorial jurisdiction approval to run franchisee all over India & Should be certified under parliament Act by Centre Govt. Ministry or department.

While searching for computer franchise you have noticed that many organizations are registered under Society Act or Trust Act under state government of New Delhi, and their territorial jurisdiction is valid for new Delhi state only & not applicable to all over India, because they are not registered by Central Government of India, they are registered by state govt of New Delhi. Such organizations have no right to give affiliation outside New Delhi. Such organization writes following words- Registered by “NCT, New Delhi, Government of India”. People are deceived by such type of wording & think that it is registered by govt of India. But the truth is different.  The meaning of “NCT” is “NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY”. In other words, capital of India. For More Clarification there are two Governments in New Delhi One is State Government of New Delhi & Second is Central Government of India.

However, State Government of New Delhi can allow any society to work all over India by adding “ALL INDIA” words before the name of Society. But few societies are making fool to its franchisee by adding “ALL INDIA” words before its Name, I suggest you before entering into franchisee agreement check registration Certificate of such society  & verify that “ALL INDIA” word is mentioned on its certificate of registration or not.

In simple wording, Any Society or Trust that is registered under State Govt can operate its works only in its state territory only. So, If you are dealing for computer Franchisee from any part of India then avoid franchisee of such type of organizations. We recommend you to take franchisee of Centre Govt. Ministry or Department Registered & Certified Organization.

Some franchisee Organizations advertise that they are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizations & certified to issue computer certificate & diploma to student, but all are lie. Because ISO certification is given for quality management work of Organization not for issuance of computer certificate & diploma .

Franchise Organizations are also advertise that if you become our franchisee then we will give grant or aid to literate students. Such organization use “free computer training” words to attract student & franchisee. Which results in loss for both franchisee & student. Because Franchisee never get aid or grant. Such franchise organization charges money as Registration Fee, Exam Fee & books fee. & give little bit share to its Franchisee Centres. & misuse the name of Grant & Aid. What is the meaning of Grant or aid? Answer is- if you run computer training for non profitable organization then it will give you grant for that work & never charge any type of fee from you & students. But such type of organization charge money from you & student in hidden ways.

Today, new trend has been started by few franchise organizations to attract new franchisee, such type of franchise organization are advertising that they have government project for computer training. We know many organizations have got govt. projects for imparting computer training but such project is applicable to particular place or its registered office, not applicable to its franchisee computer centres all over India or state. So, if any such type of Organization alleges that it has got govt, project for computer training then ask them which govt. department has issued that project & have any legal proof for that project. For more authenticity, you can also call that concerned Govt. department which has issued computer training project to that organization on all India basis.

Some computer franchise provider organizations are also mentioning that they are registered/recognized under MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India) Yes they are registered but not recognized for providing computer education franchisee or courses. Means they have not approved by MHRD for allotting franchisee or conducting courses on that basis. These organizations have registered their Brand name Logo or Special Contents under Copyright Office of MHRD only. So that their logo or special contents are protected under copyright laws from copying by other organization or person. MHRD Recognizes Board/school & university only under its authority.  © stand for Copyright. Means you cannot copy logo or any contents without its owner/author permission because it is protected under copyright or trademarks laws. In India if you want to protect your logo or contents form copying by others then you can register the same in Copyright Office under MHRD, Government of India. But remember this protection is against copying your logo or contents by others & not authority to issue certificate or opening centres.

In the last, We wish you all the best for opening new computer centre under reputed brand name.

Our suggestion for computer affiliation or franchise-visit-

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