What is Pmkvy | Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana |

What is the Govt. PMKVY- Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna-Scheme About?

The objective of this PMKVY Scheme is to encourage skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programs. Specifically, the Scheme aims to:

  • Encourage standardization in the certification process and initiate a process of creating a registry of skills
  • Enable and mobilize a large number of Indian youth to take up skill training and become employable and earn their livelihood. Increase productivity of the existing workforce and align the training and certification to the needs of the country.
  • Provide Monetary Awards for Skill Certification to boost employability and productivity of youth by incentivizing them for skill trainings
  • Reward candidates undergoing skill training by authorized institutions at an average monetary reward of Rs. 8,000 (Rupees Eight Thousand) per candidate.
  • Benefit 24 lakh youth at an approximate total cost of Rs. 1,500 crores

What would be the entire process from enrollment to money transfer for a fully certified trainee under PMKVY?

  • Trainee to enroll at a training center with a training partner and select a course of his preference
  • Trainee to provide relevant information to the Training Partner who captures all the candidate details on SDMS to facilitate training
  • Undergo assessment at the training center
  • Receive certificate from the training partner upon successful completion of assessment
  • NSDC to disburse monetary reward to passed and certified trainees subject to valid Aadhaar authentication

What is the monetary reward for the scheme?

Upon successful assessment, the trainee will be given a certificate as well as a monetary reward of an average of Rs 8,000 per trainee.

Monetary reward for various job roles within a sector varies for different as per job role levels. Higher incentives are being given to training in manufacturing, construction and plumbing sectors.

The monetary reward will be wholly funded by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, India, and will be effected through direct bank transfer to the beneficiary’s account.

For Skills Training For Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
NSQF Levels Manufacturing, Plumbing & Construction sectors Other sectors Manufacturing, Plumbing & Construction sectors Other sectors
Level 1 & 2 7,500 5,000 2,500 2,000
Level 3 & 4 10,000 7,500
Level 5 & 6 12,500 10,000


Visit official website of PMKVY : http://pmkvyofficial.org/FAQ.aspx

  • 1. Why is this Scheme beneficial for Training Providers?
  • 2. Do Training Partners have a role to play during the mobilization activities under the Scheme?
  • 3. What is NOS and QP? How do we get access to those?
  • 4. How do a Training Partner get affiliated under PMKVY?
  • 5. Do the Training Partners that participated in STAR need to get affiliated again for PMKVY?
  • 6. Would the Training Partner targets be redistributed by SSC, if new Training Partner affiliation happens or new centers of the same Training Provider opens up during the Scheme year?
  • 7. What information is a Training Partner expected to capture at the time of enrolling a candidate?
  • 8. How is the Aadhaar number being used for the Scheme?
  • 9. How can Training Partners open Bank accounts?
  • 10. Can Training Providers provide training to the candidates on credit basis? How does this arrangement work?
  • 11. Who decides the cost of training?
  • 12. What happens to the training fee if the trainee wants to drop out in the middle of the program?
  • 13. Who will pay the money to the Training Partner if the candidate is on credit and drops out without giving the assessment?
  • 14. Is franchising and sub-contracting allowed under the Scheme?
  • 15. Can the Training Partners provide training at franchisee centers?
  • 16. Who will do the assessment of the trainees?
  • 17. How do Training Partners know the assessment Criteria?
  • 18. Is a Training Partner allowed to provide training and conduct assessments in the same sector?
  • 19. Will the Training Provider have any share in the money collected for assessments?
  • 20. How would the Training Provider remit the assessment fees to the concerned SSC?
  • 21. Can individual Assessors and Trainers be a part of the Scheme?
  • 22. Can Training Providers delete duplicate Candidates on SDMS?
  • 23. Whom do I contact for the refund of Assessment fees of duplicate batches uploaded on SDMS?
  • 24. How is Service Tax accounted?
  • 25. Who will bear the printing cost of the certification?
  • 26. Can multiple copies of the certificates be printed by Training Partner, if one gets spoiled?
  • 27. Is placement being tracked after the training?
  • 28. Can the Training Partners advertise their training programmes under PMKVY?
  • 29. Are the Training Partners allowed to use the NSDC/ SSC logo for advertising and display purposes?

We Suggest you before entering into agreement with training partners under PMKVY read above mentioned  FAQ section on PMKVY official site. because lots of training partner or their franchise are misguiding the trainee & new trainee centre in India under this scheme. Note: Only passing/Certified Training are getting monetary reward under this schemes. Failed students are getting nothing. Also training centres are getting nothing for failed students. Compare Trainee Training – Enrollment, Completion &  Certification data/Ratio & do the math. For checking data visit: http://pmkvyofficial.org/

Affiliation Fees in PMKVY

Please note that the following guidelines are applicable for affiliation fees charges: 1. No affiliation fees should be charged from NSDC partners, but they need to complete the documentation and other necessary activities as per the SSC protocol. 2. Non-NSDC partners need to follow SSC protocol regarding the affiliation fees. The final decision regarding the affiliation fees will be shared in due course and the process manual will be changed post the final decision.


Visit: http://pmkvyofficial.org/App_Documents/News/RPLGuideline-Final21stSep-withAddendum2.0.pdf

How to become training partner under PMKVY?

Visit: http://pmkvyofficial.org/BecomeaTrainingPartner-NSDC.aspx

Disclaimer: Sarva Education (SITED)  is just providing information/awareness on PMKVY Scheme for the sake of Trainees & training centre/partners & disclaim any tie-up with govt of India/its partners/related agencies for running/promoting PMKVY Scheme. for more detail visit official website of PMKVY is: http://pmkvyofficial.org/